We proudly offer the Seachem Select Dealer Program, available to qualified pet stores. This is not a bulk or volume purchasing program. Instead, this program was developed to assist in any manner feasible and reasonable those businesses which work to support Seachem.

Seachem Laboratories was founded with the simple concept of producing innovative, quality products that perform as advertised. These products were developed with the objective of making the hobby more enjoyable by increasing the success rate for the average hobbyist, while decreasing the drain on the wallet. We have always stood by those pet stores that have offered the knowledge and service that drives the hobby and ultimately the industry as a whole. Seachem continues to hold true to this philosophy today. As a direct result, we have experienced exceptional growth and success as one of the leading manufacturers of innovative products for the aquarium hobby. Throughout this steady growth, there have been many changes within the industry as well as in the aquarium hobby.

One of the most disturbing trends in many industries seems to be a push toward a much less personal and much more sterile style of business. This trend runs contrary to the basic foundation of Seachem’s primary philosophy in that it ultimately robs the hobbyist and pet stores of the service and knowledge so vital to the hobby. We believe that this is exactly where the independent store owners and operators will be able to make their mark of success in the approaching years. Consequently, we are increasing our efforts to support the development of the independent pet dealers and aquatic hobbyists.

What the stores are saying...

The Benefits of Platinum Training

Learn valuable information about the scientific aspects of the hobby

Some of the talks will cover aspects of the hobby from a scientific standpoint including terminology, fundamentals of chemistry, and even why it’s not scientifically possible for some products to function the way they claim to.

Learn more about how Seachem products work and how to sell them

At Seachem’s Platinum training, you’ll learn how Seachem products work and why they work. You’ll also learn how and when to sell them. Consumers trust an informed sales staff, which means they’ll come back to your store anytime they need advice.

Experience a boost in sales

Knowing more about the products you are selling means you can effectively sell more. It’s not uncommon for us to hear back from stores that have doubled their sales of Seachem, some in as little as three months. Beldt’s Aquarium in Hazelwood, MO reported an increase of sales by 7 times over a two month period.

Develop a personal relationship with one of the leading manufacturers in the industry

You know your sales rep, but at Platinum training you’ll have the opportunity to speak with our tech support staff in person, as well as sales reps from other regions and even the president of the company.

Gain an understanding of how the industry operates from a manufacturer's standpoint

Perspective is everything. Even the president of Seachem once managed a pet store. We know where you’re coming from. This is your chance to learn about some of the hurdles that a manufacturer has to deal with from misinformation in the hobby to regulatory agencies.

Be part of a Select group

We only hold Platinum Training a handful of times each year, so Platinum stores are a rare breed. You’ll be amongst a very few uniquely qualified stores that have received Platinum certification.

Further information regarding the specifics of this program is outlined in the Select Dealer Guidebook provided to qualified retailers. We believe this program offers a maximum level of service and benefits to all involved. If you have any questions or further interest, please contact a Seachem Select Dealer representative at 888-SEACHEM. We offer this opportunity to more effectively serve you and your customers in order to further develop the pet industry and the aquarium hobby as a whole. Thank you for your support.